Vegan Beauty Ingredients Uncovered

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Let’s face it when we say vegan, most think diet. But veganism reaches way beyond that now to all areas of life including clothes and of course beauty.

Did you know that common beauty products contain animal fat, beeswax and even crushed beetles? It’s no wonder that over 50% of women in Britain are opting to consciously shop for green, cruelty free, no-nasties beauty and skincare.

There are 3 core vegan certified ingredients we use in Miss Patisserie products that are packed full of gorgeous mind, body, soul benefits and we’re about to tell you all about them.

shea butter benefits

Shea Butter

This sumptuous sally is used in all of our bath balls, slabs and dust. Shea butter is super rich in natural fatty acids as well as heaps of vitamins. So this creamy substance extracted from a shea tree nut is the perfect ingredient to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and intensely moisturised after a lovely soak in any of our bath products.

natural cleanser vegan beauty ingredients

Sodium Bicarbonate

If you can eat it in a cake - it’s definitely safe to put on your skin! Known for reducing skin irritation and inflammation as well as being a totally amazing natural cleanser, we use Sodium Bicarbonate in small quantities across our bath products to leave you squeaky clean. The amount that we use across our bath bombs ensures they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. 

fragrance free non toxic scents and essential oils

Essential Oils

The purest oil of a plant, flower or tree extracted in concentrated form. Essential oils are proven to match and improve our bodies' energetic frequencies. Different oils have different properties, some calming, some uplifting. They’re used to make all our Miss Patisserie vegan bath and body products smell gorgeous and support you in getting the restorative self care time you deserve. If you want to know more about Aromatherapy then check our short blog post Aromatherapy Explained.


So, whether you’ve ditched dairy or not - our 100% vegan certified, cruelty free products are sure to put a smile on your face. (Oh and give you super soft gorgeous to die for skin and the best night's sleep)

Why not take a little browse of the range in our shop here.

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