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There’s nothing quite like a shower to invigorate your senses - they can set you up for the day or be the perfect wind down in your bedtime routine. I’ve not been feeling well this week (we’ve had lots of sickness bugs here at Miss P!) so we’ve been needing some extra self care. We’ve been chatting in the office about how we’ve improved our bathrooms - as you can guess here at Miss P HQ we spend lots of time in our bathrooms! - so we thought we’d share five of our top tips. 

1.Organising & refreshing your bathroom space 

There’s never a truer saying than tidy space, tidy mind. If you want the best out of your every day bathroom experiences, the space you’re in needs to be one of calm. Banish the bath-side bottle build up with this brass shower caddy from MADE. Or if you like a little DIY, you can source an inexpensive one and spray paint it gold - we also love matte black! 

Bathroom refits are horribly expensive - but there are lots of ways you can give your bathroom a makeover without parting with thousands. Even a new candle, or some fluffy new bath towels or a cosy cotton robe will give your bathroom a boost and make it a space you really enjoy spending time in. If you want to update a bathroom look without spending lots - check out these rent friendly and super easy stick on floor tiles! We’ve added a moodboard below of some affordable bathroom inspo to make your self care space the most inviting it can be.


2. Bring the outside in.

Use nature to promote relaxation and harmony have you heard of a eucalyptus shower? It’s a really cool way to both add a little bougieness and beauty to your bathroom, while having some gorgeous aromatherapy benefits. The steam helps release the plants natural oils - which are known to reduce stress and anxiety, aid respiratory health and clarify the mind. It’s super easy to do - get a good few stems from a local florist (or buy online via Esty - this one has lavender in too!) - tie together at the base with string and hang from your shower head. Be sure to not place it directly under the water stream as it will rot the leaves quickly. 

Another option is to add some plants and greenery to your bathroom. We love ferns! Better suited to lower light and moist environments, this plant makes a wonderful addition to your bathroom by adding some gorgeous greenery and promoting better air quality.

3. Add a little music 

Music makes everything better. Have you tried creating a bathroom playlist? You can create a super relaxing playlist or a more upbeat one depending on your mood - your shower can set your mood for the day or night so it’s great to maximise its benefits. Better than blasting from your phone - you can even add these water resistant bathroom speakers.

4. Indulge in some products that aren’t just for the bath!

Your shower should be a treat for your skin, and a daily practice to maintain its best condition. Get the blood flowing and improve your skin’s brightness with things like scrubs and body brushes - we love this dry body brush from Anthropologie x Patisserie Beauty.

We LOVE our Anthropologie x Patisserie Beauty body scrubs - which polish, nourish and brighten your skin. Not only gently increases circulation and exfoliates to maintain healthy bright skin, it nourishes and deeply moisturises at the same time - thanks to the salt being suspended in nourishing ingredients like Marula Seed Oil and Murumuru Butter. This hydrating and exfoliating body scrub can also be used as bath salts!


There’s nothing better we think than finishing your shower with a body oil. Did you know ‘Monoi’ is a polynesian oil made from soaking gardenias in coconut oil? Use our Monoi Flower Body Oil to transport yourself to polynesian paradise - trust us - it smells as good as you think. You can use it as a hair mask before you get in the shower too! Top tip - place the closed bottle of the monoi oil in your shower with you to warm up the oil - your skin will drink it in all the better and the feeling of the warm oil is a foolproof way to supercharge your shower.

5. Practice breathing techniques to promote reflection and inner wellness 

Our mood-orientated aromatherapy shower steamers transport our hand-picked essential oil blends through the steam of your shower. Did you know - aromatherapy essential oils are true, natural oils distilled from botanicals or fruits; used for centuries for their different properties. We like to break off one half (save the other half for another shower) and place on the shower floor. To get the best aromatherapy experience, avoid placing the steamer in the area directly under the water stream - the water will dissolve the steamer too quickly!

For ultimate peace, practice mindful breathing when using your steamer, by focusing your attention on your breath. You can try a deep inhale through your nostrils (3 seconds), hold your breath (2 seconds), and a long exhale through your mouth (4 seconds).

Similar to journaling, the shower is a great place to reflect and centre yourself in the present moment. Try to focus your attention inward and be aware of the sounds and smells around you. Trying this for five minutes is a simple meditation trick that can ground you and make you feel a sense of peace - whether you’re just starting your day, or about to put on a fresh pair of PJs for bedtime. 


Happy shower supercharging! xxx

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