New Moon Ritual For Beginners

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High vibes, crystals, new moons, smudging, the law of attraction... what does it all mean!? Sure, some of these have kind of become buzzwords, but we aren’t about to go and shun them and their magical powers for anything. 

To keep it simple, every month a new lunar cycle is entered when the sun and the moon align. The new cycle brings a refreshing energy and chance to take stock and prioritise yourself in all senses.

If you’ve ever been curious about how to harness the energy of a new moon but not known where to start, we’ve got you!

Grab your witches hat babe, you’re about to make magic:

1. Set your intention for this moon cycle

Intention is just another word for goal. Think outside of the box, this doesn't have to be to “work out 5 times a week”. How do you want to feel - more calm, more joyous, more confident? What do you want to introduce to your life - more love, more support, more laughter, more movement? Why do you want it? What will it enable you to do? Will it help others as well? Why are you worthy of it? 

Take all of this and write it down in a clear, concise sentence or two. For example:

I set the intention of welcoming more calmness into my life, by allowing myself to slow down, to ask others for support and prioritise my self care, so that I can feel rejuvenated to better care for others.

2. Cleanse your environment

Smudging aka. burning sage or palo santo is basically like taking a Miss Patisserie aromatherapy experience out of the bath.

Similar to incense, you can burn sage to increase oxygen flow to the brain, naturally relaxing your mind and body or you could burn palo santo to evoke a sense of calm and clarity. Both are fab for helping to shift negative energy in your body and physical space.

We’re not talking about ridding any demons here, just getting you relaxed and open minded to get the most out of the new moon's high vibes.

3. Create a sacred space

It could be in the bath (yes hello, that’s us), your bed, a little corner in your room, or even out in nature somewhere. Ask yourself, where can you be gorgeously at one with yourself? Whatever you answered, get there RIGHT NOW… or at least in time for a new moon and wind down ready for the next step.

4. Journal, Release and Refill

“Let it out honey, put it in the book” - Okay, maybe Gretchen Wieners really did know what she was talking about.

This is your time to let out anything that is making you feel sad, trapped or far away from your intention. Get it all down with pen and paper - this is your release.

Then it’s mega important to fill yourself back up with positive energy, so keep writing.  Focus on the good things in life, list things you’re grateful for, your hopes and dreams (that are 100% on their way to you love)

5. Start something new

The new lunar cycle brings a fresh kind of vitality that’s incredible for starting something new. A book, a project, a hobby, a skincare routine, you name it - the moon’s got your back for an energetic start with this one. 

6. Meditate

Meditation has so many benefits and an absolute essential in our self care books, and there’s no better time to start than when you are opening up with all of these other rituals.

We know this doesn't come naturally to everyone, us too. So here’s a few app’s for help aligning to your most goddess-like self! 

  • Insight Timer - has a crazy amount of free guided meditations, music and yoga nidra to bliss out to

  • Calm - hello sleep stories by Matthew McConaughey

  • Headspace - the original app for 'learning to meditate', super practical and easy to follow along if you are complete beginner

7. Make your own experience

Above everything else - this should be a unique experience for you, loves. So take the pressure off - this is not a checklist!

Do what feels good, make up your own rituals, have fun and just enjoy bathing in the fresh start that the new moon brings.

Upcoming New Moon Dates:

Friday 22nd May 2020

Sunday 21st June 2020

Monday 20th July 2020

Wednesday 19th August 2020


*All beautiful images by @flowersfordais_astrology

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