7 Easy Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

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Spring has sprung and we are loving the energy that the sunshine is bringing. A spring clean doesn’t have to mean getting the hoover out - you’re mind, body, soul could do with some TLC from time to time too, so we’ve pulled together 7 easy ways to give your mental and physical self a refresh and injection of good vibes. You could even try doing one a day to spring clean your life in one week!

Unsubscribe Session

This means the 20+ emails you receive every day and never open, unfollowing accounts on social media that make you feel unworthy or annoyed and even product subscriptions that you aren’t using! This is a total energy blocker treatment.


Okay - this is probably the closest to a traditional spring clean, but having a wardrobe clear out and giving the house a spruce up really does make you feel better - and it makes room for beautiful things that you don’t have yet. Like house plants, so many house plants.

Brain Dump

We struggled to think of a nice way to phrase this, but there just isn’t. You know all the busy thoughts flying around your head making you feel busy and tired 24/7? Well, get some paper and a pen and write it all down, yes everything. All the to do’s, plans and worries - you’ll feel lighter and also, way more prepared to tackle it one by one.

Organise your apps 

We spend so much time on our phones - take 20 minutes to organise your apps and set a wallpaper that makes you smile every time you look.

Get A New Hairstyle

New hair, new me, am I right? Go get yourself a fresh cut and step out feeling 10x lighter. The logic is there - just go to a hairdresser you trust! 


Take stock of all the people in your life close and acquaintance and think about how you’re supporting each other. If you don’t feel like you’re getting anything in return from someone, it’s time to talk or move on lovely. Toxic and draining relationships will not be helping you live your best life. 

Clear Your Schedule For Fun

If you are like us, it can be tough to make time for fun and play. But it is so important to promote good mental health and leave your soul feeling nourished. So try blocking out time in your diary, yes like an actual appointment with yourself, where you get to just have fun. Start with what feels do-able, an hour a week, or an hour a day - and try expanding it little by little. You’ll be grinning the days away in no time. 

We hope that these ideas have you hopping into spring with new found energy and appreciation for your wonderful self. Make sure you tag us on instagram @patisseriebeauty if you do any on them or even come up with your own! 

Sending lots of love your way xo

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