7 Healing Crystals for Self Care

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Crystals do so much more than make your bedside table look pretty. Used for energetic healing, crystals emit different vibrational frequencies that help to boost or recalibrate your mind, body & soul health. In short - they are a must have for any self care queen.

As there’s so many different types, we’ve pulled together the best for reconnecting, rebalancing and recharging your lovely self. Shall we get started?

Energy Healing Crystals for Self Care - Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz - Relaxing

Smoky Quartz is the master relaxer. For those of you that find yourself getting stressed, physically tense or depleted, day in day out (hello that’s most of us we think) try ending your day by holding on to some smoky quartz and a little meditation. Maybe even wear some as a necklace and ward off those low vibes instantly!

Energy Healing Crystals for Self Care - Moonstone

Moonstone - Intuition & Feminine Energy

Moonstone, sometimes referred to as the Great Mother will support you in accessing your intuition and leaning into your feminine energy. That’s right, perfect for learning to listen to your body's true needs, for slowing and softening down. With a water sign crystal such as Moonstone by your side you’ll feel in flow, and ready to release that go, go, go! attitude we adopted all too often.

Energy Healing Crystals for Self Care - Jade

Jade - Health

Feel like you’re glued to your phone? a slave to the scroll? Jade is the perfect stone for reconnecting with Mother Earth. Rooting down through the balls of your feet and refilling your body with the much needed energy. Inviting health, wealth and abundance into your life whilst making sure you keep a positive work-life balance. 

Energy Healing Crystals for Self Care - Common Opal

Opal (Common) - Calming

For when you're feeling emotional, overwhelmed and vulnerable. Opal slides in with an incredible gentleness that soothes your very soul. This white stone can also be lovely and grounding. When things are feeling all a bit too much, deep breathing whilst holding Opal will get you back into your own body and help to calm the storm.  

Energy Healing Crystals for Self Care - Malachite

Malachite - Assertiveness

This vibrant green coloured stone is going to bring out the inner warrior in you. It arms you with the fierceness within, protection and confidence. Raise your frequency with this crystal and use it to set those boundaries that are needed to maintain positive mental and physical health. This can be scary, but Malachite’s got your back babe.

Energy Healing Crystals for Self Care - Amethyst

Amethyst - Spiritual Healing

The queen of crystals! This purple beauty aligns all of your chakras - empowering you to take your place in life with quiet confidence. She’s also great at purifying, warding off negative energy and keeping your space sacred and high vibing. Bathe with Amethyst for the deepest dreamiest connection to yourself.

Energy Healing Crystals for Self Care - Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz - Love

Connected to your heart, the centre of our human experience, Rose Quartz helps to heal the heart when it is wounded, open it up to give and receive love freely. Love is literally in the air when you’ve got Rose Quartz around. For anyone that struggles with self love or self compassion, Rosey is your gal!

Hopefully this has been a handy guide to some new crystals to try. Whether you’re just getting started or a crystal junkie - we’d love to hear about your tips, tricks and experience with these babies (or others!). Make sure you message us on Instagram

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